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Marriage proposal wall Thirty Three for 33 Elmwood in Westbrook, ME PUCKLAND mural for Puckland on NBC Sports
Swan Studio in Westbrook, ME Broken Dram Bathroom
JC Moving Truck Live Spray for Channel 13 News
Punisher/SFL Comics part of a group mural Wolverine for Freedom House Leo
Megatron Tree of Life Jackson's Hole basketball court
Barn mural in Northern Maine Rocky Balboa and a photographer. Part of a large mural in Hermosillo, Mexico Vintage State Theater mural inside The State Theater Building
Art Basel Miami 2015 with Blake Lethem and Vyal Reyes Residential interior Farmers Market in Raymond, Maine
For Dunk the Junk Greetings From WESTBROOK mural in-action Lotus for Swan Studio in Westbrook, Maine
Broken Dram mural Freedom House Portland, Maine BONFIRE bar and grill in Ogunquit, Maine
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