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WELCOME canvas for Harvest on the Harbor, Portland, Maine Antique Door for Orono Brewing Company Orono Brewing Company
Casco Bay cut-away underwater sea life mural 5 Spot's Philly Underground right side 5 Spot's Philly Underground left side
Munjoy Hill Tavern Shawnee Peak Botto's Bakery
Casco Bay Map scroll with Longfellow poem for Blythe and Burrows Wanderbus right side Wanders left side
Point Sebago Gameroom Point Sebago Gameroom Maine Biofuels Truck
David Angel Studios CASCO BAY for The Maine State Pier Greeting From WESTBROOK for Westbrook Arts and Culture
GREATNORTHFEST painted with C. Wright Design Gold Street mural in Portland's Old Port Dragon for VJ Foo
Welcome To Kid City for The Rock Church INSPIRE wall for Youngs Furniture Live Spray on the Local News
When We Wuz Famous book cover for Henry Holt Publishing New York, New York Brads Trifecta Center for Maine Contemporary Art
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